GIS Data Manager/Administrator

Atltanta, GA / CONTRACT - 12 MONTHS


Under broad supervision, designs and secures Esri ArcGIS geodatabases to store, track, and maintain a large volume of critical business information. Develops and updates database models. Administers multi-user versioned geodatabases.

The client seeks a GIS Data Manager who will upgrade and implement changes to vector and raster geodatabases including Esri Roads and Highways. Provides ETL functions for processing data into Esri geodatabases through Esri Model Builder, Workflow Manager, and SafeSoftware FME. Will be responsible for ensuring geodatabase data integrity and quality including publishing metadata, validating data update cycle and reporting data quality issues to data stewards.

Key Responsibilities

- Performs geospatial data processing/ETL and publishing of data into enterprise geodatabases
- Maintains currency of enterprise geodatabase data and metadata
- Performs geodatabase monitoring, administration, configuration, tuning, and performance in-hand with GDOT Database Administrators; ensures completion of data updates.
- Develops geodatabases, spatial views in-hand with client's Data Architects
- Provides data dictionary and entity relationship diagrams for geodatabases
- Controls geodatabase access, security, and retention
- Troubleshoots and provides end user support for data compression, versioning, and multi-user workflows
- Creates and supports GIS scheduled jobs (ActiveBatch)Key Skills

Key Skills

1. Bachelors degree in related field from accredited college or university and four years of experience in supporting geodatabases
2. 3 years experience in Esri ArcGIS geodatabase development, editing, analysis, and QA/QC
3. 3 years experience in ArcPy, Python scripting, or Esri ArcGIS model builder; batch data loading/processing experience
4.  SafeSoftware FME Desktop/Server
5.  3 years experience in PL SQL, SQL
6.  1 year experience working with or supporting Esri Roads and Highways geodatabases
7.  GISP or Esri Technical certification.
8.  Experience with Esri Geoevent processor is highly desired.